How to play Fwoggy Wawior:

Setup: Edit

Step 1: Get a good sized ring.
Step 2: Get 2 to infinity players.
Step 3: Go into squat position.

Basic Rules: Edit

You can only move by jumping around. You use your arms to push people over. If a part of your body other then your feet or hands touches the ground you lose a life. If any part of your body goes out of the ring you lose 2 lives. You get a coin when you win a match.

Moves/Abilities: Edit

A move is just when you do something often and shout out it's name while doing it. Abilities are certain thing you can buy in the shop.

Tournament Rules: Edit

These can only be done with 5 or more players. In tournament you have exactly 3 lives and no upgrades. You get 2 coins for winning and 1 for second place.

The Shop/Coins: Edit

Everyone can make a shop. This is where you can buy things like abilityss, extra lives and more damage/a better spear. You spend coins at the shop.

Fouls: Edit

If you stand up or run/waddle you get a yellow card. This is because "Yow nowt a froggy sow gewt owt of dis froggy townament!" If this happens again you get a red card and go out of the game. Additionally, accedentalyy hurting someone will get you a yellow card. Purposely hurting someone will result in a red card.

Upgrades: Edit

Health upgrades get you more health. Damage upgrades do one more damage when doing damage.

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